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“He don’t even speak good English” is a quote from the Sidney Lumet film 12 Angry Men (1957). One horrible juror makes this damning statement about a young black man standing trial. Of course the statement itself is grammatically incorrect and another juror responds, in what is potentially one of the best burn moments in cinema, with: “He doesn’t even speak good English.”

I put this as my blog title to somewhat undercut the things I write here. The racist juror is not someone I identify with (you’ll be pleased to know!), but that burn moment is. We’ve all experienced voicing an opinion only to have it pointed out that we’re being internally inconsistent, perhaps hypocritical, or in some other way theoretically unsound.

So, it all adds up to this: I’m never 100% sure of what I’ve written. There’s a risk in pressing “publish” that the formation of your ideas is now a complete product, but I’m open to discussion, to changing my opinion, and certainly to considering others’ opinions. Please feel free to comment.


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